Sardinia Sailing

Mediterranean Sailing

We were born in Italy so we have familiarity with the Mediterranean sea. Below there are several images from our trip in Sardegna and Corsica 2018 and 2019. For our 2020 itinerary please look at:

Pacific Sailing


Crossing of Panama Canal and the the Pacific Ocean: It’s hard to explain how it feels to sail across an ocean to someone who hasn’t experienced it. The trips are long, in confined spaces, sometimes in less than optimal conditions that lead to frustration and even arguments in the crew. And yet we go back because we are drawn to the ocean and its infinite wonders, from the dolphins to the turtles, from the sunshine to the showers, from the calm seas to the big waves that accompany us on our journey to reach another side of the planet.

Life on board

Life on board

Besides the obvious: sailing, enjoing the wind, the sunrise, the sunset, fishing, swimming, snorkeling etc living on a sailboat in 2020 can give us more modern amenities as well. We have several hundred movies and documentaries database on board. Plaiyng cards is another pass time but it all depends

Wine and Drinks on board

Wine, drinks and Cocktails

While Sailing a good Bar is a great plus. Espresso or, if milk is available, cappuccino are our morning drinks. Wine: Pink white or Champagne. Red wine is not so popular sailing but we will always have some Cocktails include: Gin Tonics, Mohito (if we find mint ), as well as Rhum based cocktails Cocktails:  […]