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Blue Water Sailing

About Self Sufficient Sailing

Are you ready to live the dream holiday far away from the crowd? We can help with your boat automation by  installing a desalination system,  a solar panel system a satellite system or whatever you need to make your boat grid-independent. More on our services and off-the-grid solutions In Italian, a boat is called barca […]

Solar Panels

Off The Grid Sailboat Conversion

Off The Grid Conversion for Blue Water Cruising Solar power and desalinated great tasting water from the sea for independent cruising We now offer OFF THE GRID CONVERSION that will make your sailboat SELF SUFFICIENT.  Prices vary from boat to boat so, please, contact us with a description of your boat (size, age and whichever  […]

Blue Water Sailboat

Blue Water Sailboat Cruiser

Understanding What Blue Water Cruiser Is Right For You Bluewater sailing: An increasingly fashionable definition that has recently been exciting a new generation of sailing yacht owners with the desire to live long periods on board. Many no longer feel the limitations that terrified our fathers: today, more or less, everyone thinks by buying a […]

Sardinia Sailing

Mediterranean Sailing

We were born in Italy so we have familiarity with the Mediterranean sea. Below there are several images from our trip in Sardegna and Corsica 2018 and 2019. For our 2020 itinerary please look at:

Pacific Sailing


Crossing of Panama Canal and the the Pacific Ocean: It’s hard to explain how it feels to sail across an ocean to someone who hasn’t experienced it. The trips are long, in confined spaces, sometimes in less than optimal conditions that lead to frustration and even arguments in the crew. And yet we go back because we are drawn to the ocean and its infinite wonders, from the dolphins to the turtles, from the sunshine to the showers, from the calm seas to the big waves that accompany us on our journey to reach another side of the planet.