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Food On Board

We try as much as possible to use fresh ingredients. When ports are frequent, it is easy but for long stretches at sea sometimes we will not have access to fresh fruits and vegetables. Most of our cooking will follow the Mediterranean diet: the Mediterranean diet is not only Italian, as it is typical of the entire basin of the Mediterranean Sea. Because of this variety, both cultural and geographical, Mediterranean cuisine can be quite different from one area to another: for instance, in Italy we like to use pasta as the basis for our main meals, and as main source of carbohydrates. In the Middle East, on the other hand, chickpeas and barley are the staple of most dishes.

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Pasta alle Vongole – Pasta with Clams – Cooked on board September 2020
by Master – pretend Chef Paolo

While we will always have pasta and rice as well as beans and lentils on board, we will try to make use of fresh ingredients as much as possible.  Of course seafood is an important dish on a sailboat. Good olive oil and plenty of balsamic vinegar is always on board.  We cook with fresh vegetables and fruit, where available, with an accent placed on fish consumption as opposed to meat, and we use of olive oil instead of butter as main form of condiment.

Paolo’s and Vittorio’s cuisine is mostly modern Italian.

Fish Fillet or Pasta: we give Italian Mediterranean flavor to our dishes

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