Solar Panels

Off The Grid Sailboat Conversion

Off The Grid Conversion for Blue Water Cruising

Solar power and desalinated great tasting water from the sea for independent cruising

We now offer OFF THE GRID CONVERSION that will make your sailboat SELF SUFFICIENT.  Prices vary from boat to boat so, please, contact us with a description of your boat (size, age and whichever  other information you consider necessary) and we will give you an estimate for the service on location.

Did you know that, in the Pacific, there is enough plastic floating to  cover the whole surface of Spain? Greta might not be your cup of tea, but she has a point.

Personally, I do agree with her, as I think we do have a duty towards the Earth and the younger and future generations to stop damaging the environment and  to  reduce the  size of  that plastic  island floating around in the ocean: this is why I believe in an off-the-grid / Bluewater sailboat solution.

During my first two summers on a sailboat in the Mediterranean, we only used plastic bottles since the water from the boat tank was undrinkable. The amount of plastic wasted — and consequent damage to our environment — was considerable. So, we decided to add a water purification system to our sailboat: this allowed us to ditch the plastic and to enjoy fresh, drinking water from the tap.

On one of those two first sailing trips — the second,  to be precise — our boat’s diesel generator broke  down, too. That’s why we decided to turn the boat into a blue water and we would implement sailing off the grid.

In order to  do so, we have considered  three main aspects: electricity, water and motion.


Did you know that clean energy sources such as solar panels and wind power can be used to generate electricity and to run most, if not all electrics on a sailboat? The engine on a boat consumes almost the same amount of fuel while charging batteries than it does when  motoring. And running it only to charge batteries is not the best for an engine, either. Running an engine at a lower level than it has been designed for can be  harmful to its valves, thus shortening its life. So, instead  of revving up all those RPM’s to change batteries,  you should really consider installing a wind generator or a solar panel — or both — on your sailboat.

Let’s not forget about the internet, either! Installing satellite internet on your sailboat will allow you to voice call, message (Whatsapp),  watch TV and, of course, browse the net when you  want.


Sailboat sea water Desalinator . Fresh water generator

Installing a seawater desalination system can bring a lot of benefits to your sailing experience and, as we  mentioned, to the environment. Let’s go through the  main  ones together:

Solar Panels
Solar Panels for off the grid Electricity
  • You can enjoy fresh  and great tasting  water on board, use it for cooking and  making  tea  and coffee, without having to rely on plastic bottles;
  • Because you won’t need  to keep on board gallons and  gallons of bottled  water,  the  weight you carry will be considerably less, allowing you to sail faster;
  • The quality of  onboard life will improve greatly, because you’ll have plenty of fresh water  not only to cook and  drink, but also for plenty of showers and for washing;
  • The  maintenance  of your sailboat will be also improved, because there  will be  enough water  to clean  around and wash clothes whenever it’s needed;
  • You can save a  lot on mooring/docking fees: with  a seawater desalination system, you won’t be tied to the dock for water and will be  able to anchor in whichever spot you wish;
  • The potential for travel is endless when living on a sailboat full-time
  • Last, but not certainly least: bragging rights! Sailing off-the-grid is quite fashionable nowadays and just mentioning your sailboat is fully independent when it comes to fresh water and to electricity production will give you a whole new way to show off!
  • And New for 2020 – It is an excellent way to stay away from COVID-19

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